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8 Jan 2021 + Decree 151 repealing a number of legal instruments promulgated by the Government, 30 December 2020
+ Decision 36 repealing a number of legal instruments promulgated by the Prime Minister, 19 December 2020
24 Dec 2020 + Decree 145 with regulations for implementation of the 2019 Labour Code (partial translation to date), 14 December
23 Dec 2020 + Circular 95 guiding supervision of securities trading on the securities market, 16 November
17 Dec 2020 + Circular 91 regulating prudential requirements applicable to securities business organizations and measures for non-compliance, 13 November
14 Dec 2020 + Decree 99 regulating penalties for administrative offences in the petroleum sector, and in the petrol, oil and gas trading sector, 26 August
2 Dec 2020 + Decision 2046 notifying amended administrative procedures in the telecom and internet sectors managed by the Ministry of Information and Communications, 24 November
+ Circular 94 regulating fees for the right to provide Pay TV services and fees for registration of foreign program channels on Pay TV, 16 November
+ Decree 68 on management of costs of investment in construction [applicable to PPP projects], 14 August 2019
30 Nov 2020 + Decree 126 regulating tax management (only the following two sections have been translated: responsibility of commercial banks to withhold and pay tax on behalf of some foreign suppliers; and application of Advance Pricing Agreements during transfer pricing), 19 October
25 Nov 2020 + Decree 135 regulating the retirement age, 18 November
24 Nov 2020 + Decision 2149 notifying three Decisions issued by the Ministry of Transport which are no longer valid relating to management of investment projects for construction and to selection of contractor, 17 November
20 Nov 2020 + Decree 132 regulating tax management of enterprises with related transactions [transfer pricing], 5 November
9 Nov 2020 + Resolution 164 resolving difficulties for investment projects for construction of urban zones, 5 November
+ Decree 129 regulating the functions, duties and operating mechanism of Vietnam Debt Trading Single Member LLC [DATC], 27 October
5 Nov 2020 + Circular 32 listing telecom services for which quality control is compulsory, 4 November
+ Circular 41 repealing a number of legal instruments in the education sector, 3 November
3 Nov 2020 + Decree 113 detailing article 3.3(dd) of Law 62 amending the Law on Construction regarding appraisal of construction designs after the preliminary design and exemption from a construction permit, 18 September
30 Oct 2020 + Draft Circular guiding securities trading in accordance with the new Law on Securities (which takes effect 1 January 2021), 14 August
27 Oct 2020 + Circular 39 regulating quality assessment standards of university remote programs, 9 October
26 Oct 2020 + Decision 15 dated 24 April with policies assisting the citizens with difficulties due to the Covid 19 epidemic, as amended 19 October
23 Oct 2020 + Circular 08 guiding job protection for a whistle blower working pursuant to a labour contract and his or her relatives, 15 October
20 Oct 2020 + Decree 122 regulating coordinated and linked procedures for registration of establishment of an enterprise, branch or representative office; for notification of workers who have been employed; for issuance of social insurance code numbers; and for registration of the invoices to be used by the enterprise (with the new standard form application for registration to establish a shareholding/joint stock company), 15 October
19 Oct 2020 + Decree 56 on management and use of official development assistance (ODA) and concessional loans of foreign donors, 25 May
16 Oct 2020 + Circular 38 regulating joint training [twinning] at the university, master's and doctorate levels in the forms of online, and blended [both offline and online] training, 6 October
14 Oct 2020 + Decree 91 dated 13 October 2015 on investment of State capital in enterprises and management and use of capital and assets in enterprises, as further amended 9 October
13 Oct 2020 + Decree 114 implementing Resolution 116 reducing by 30% CIT payable in year 2020 by enterprises with total turnover of year 2020 not exceeding 200 billion VND, 25 September
12 Oct 2020 + Decision 1728 reducing the State Bank refinancing interest rate to 4%, discount interest rate to 2.5% and repo rate to 5%, 30 September
+ Decision 1729 retaining the maximum interest rate chargeable by banks for raising VND deposits at 0.2% for on-call deposits and term deposits of under one month, and reducing it to 4% for term deposits of one month up to below 6 months, 30 September
+ Decision 1730 reducing to 4.5% the maximum VND short-term lending interest rate chargeable by banks to borrowers for capital requirements in certain economic sectors and industries, 30 September
18 Sep 2020 + Circular 23 regulating the method for determining the level of costs for stopping or resupplying power, 9 September

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