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18 Sep 2018 + Circular 22 prescribing the list of functional foods for children under six years of age for which prices must be declared, 12 September
+ Decision 37 dated 29 June 2011 on the support regime to develop wind power projects in Vietnam, as amended 10 September
17 Sep 2018 + Decree 49 regulating formulation by employers of their wage scales, payrolls/wage tables and labour rates/norms, as amended 13 September
+ Circular 83 dated 17 June 2016 guiding investment incentives under the Law on Investment, as amended 28 August
14 Sep 2018 + Decision 02 dated 13 January 2012 with the List of essential goods and services for which a standard form contract and general trading conditions must be registered, as amended (by taking out of such List item 10 "Issuance of domestic debt cards, opening and use of payment account services (applicable to individual clients) and individual loan accounts services (for consumer purposes), 5 September
6 Sep 2018 + Decree 78 dated 14 September 2015 on enterprise registration, as amended 23 August
29 Aug 2018 + Decree 59 dated 18 June 2015 regulating management of investment projects for construction, as amended 16 July
28 Aug 2018 + Resolution 110 with solutions to resolve difficulties with the laws on investment in construction, 25 August
27 Aug 2018 + Decree 95 regulating the issuance, registration, depository, listing and trading of Government debt instruments on the securities market, June 30
24 Aug 2018 + Draft Decree amending investment and business conditions in sectors managed by the Ministry of Finance (debt collection; lotteries; e-gaming for foreigners; casino; betting on racing and international soccer; credit rating services; auditing; accounting; insurance; pricing; securities) 24 September
21 Aug 2018 + Draft 7.8 Law on Anti-Corruption, 10 August
+ Circular 20 amending the List of textile products governed by technical regulations with limits/tolerance of formaldehyde and of aromatic amines in textile products, 15 August
+ Circular 36 dated 20 November 2014 stipulating prudential ratios and limits during the operation of credit institutions and foreign bank branches, as further amended 3 August
17 Aug 2018 + Circular 30 dated 25 December 2015 regulating licensing, organization and operation of non-banking credit institutions, as amended 14 August
+ Circular 21 dated 14 August 2014 guiding the scope of forex activities by credit institutions and foreign bank branches; and conditions, sequence and procedures for consent by the State Bank to credit institutions and foreign bank branches conducting forex activities, as amended 14 August
+ Circular 40 dated 15 December 2011 regulating licensing, organization and operation of commercial banks, foreign bank branches, and representative offices of foreign credit institutions and other foreign organizations with a banking operation, as amended 14 August
10 Aug 2018 + Draft Decree amending business conditions for offshore indirect investment, for finance companies and finance leasing companies, for credit rating operations, and for foreign exchange agency, 10 August
+ Circular 36 dated 20 November 2014 stipulating prudential ratios and limits during the operation of credit institutions and foreign bank branches, as further amended 31 July
8 Aug 2018 + Draft Decree on electronic transactions in financial activities, 18 June
+ Decree 76 guiding Law 07 on Technology Transfer, with Lists of technologies which are encouraged, restricted and prohibited; regarding registration of technology transfer agreements and the price of and mode of payment for a transfer; regarding commercialization of results of scientific research and technological development; and regarding certificates of satisfaction of conditions to provide technology assessment, technology price evaluation and technology appraisal services, 15 May
31 Jul 2018 + Draft Circular of the State Bank regulating cases of blockade and termination of blockade of capital and assets of foreign bank branches, 16 May
27 Jul 2018 + Law 28 on Electricity dated 3 December 2004 as amended (with regard to State master planning) by Law 28 dated 15 June
+ Decision 27 issuing the system of economic branches of Vietnam, 6 July
+ Decision 746 regulating the investment structure of the Hanoi – Hai Phong Expressway BOT Project, 29 May 2015
26 Jul 2018 + Law 67 on Investment dated 26 November 2014 as amended (with regard to State master planning) by Law 28 dated 15 June
19 Jul 2018 + Decree 91 on provision and management of Government guarantees, 26 June
+ Decree 82 regulating management of industrial zones and economic zones, 22 May
17 Jul 2018 + Decree 139 regulating penalties for administrative breaches in construction investment activities; regarding minerals used as building materials, and production and trading of building materials; management of technical infrastructure works; real estate business, residential housing development, and management of use of housing and offices, 27 November 2017
12 Jul 2018 + Law 24 on Cybersecurity (effective 1 January 2019),12 June
+ Law 24 on Cybersecurity (version noting changes as compared to the final draft), 12 June
11 Jul 2018 + Law 23 on Competition (effective 1 July 2019),12 June
9 Jul 2018 + Decision 2265 with the brackets of average electricity wholesale prices charged by EVN to Power Corporations for year 2018, 28 June
2 Jul 2018 + Decree 86 regulating foreign cooperation and investment in the education sector, 6 June
+ Resolution 54 extending for three years until 1 July 2021 the visa exemption for citizens of United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain and Italy, 10 May
26 Jun 2018 + Resolution 57 with the Legislative Program for Year 2019 and amending the Legislative Program for Year 2018, 8 June
+ Decision 751 approving the equitization plan of Parent company – Vietnam Maritime Corporation, 20 June
25 Jun 2018 + Draft Law on Cybersecurity, 12 June
14 Jun 2018 + Circular 40 guiding initial share sale and management and use of proceeds from equitization of State enterprises and single member LLCs in which the State invests 100% charter capital converting into shareholding companies, 4 May
13 Jun 2018 + Circular 19 amending Circular 36 dated 20 November 2014 stipulating prudential ratios and limits during the operation of credit institutions and foreign bank branches, 28 December 2017
11 Jun 2018 + Circular 38 regulating methods for converting royalty calculation prices to determine prices for calculating charges for issuance of mineral mining rights, 16 October 2017
7 Jun 2018 + Decree 81 with regulations for implementation of the Commercial Law regarding commercial enhancement activities (namely promotions, trade fairs and exhibitions), 22 May
4 Jun 2018 + Decision 1158 fixing compulsory reserves ratios applicable to credit institutions and foreign bank branches, 29 May
1 Jun 2018 + Decree 69 on the Commercial Law and Law on Foreign Trade Management regarding import/export; temporary import for re-export; temporary export for re-import; border gate transfer and transit; goods processing for foreign business entities; goods processing in foreign countries; and agency for trading goods for foreign business entities, 15 May
31 May 2018 + Circular 10 on multi-level marketing [MLM] regarding issuance of certificates of knowledge of the law on MLM, 24 May
30 May 2018 + Decision 150 on service charges collectible by Stock Exchanges (SE) and Vietnam Securities Depository Centre (VSD), 22 February 2017
+ Decision 151 on accountability of SE and VSD to the State Securities Commission for fees collected, 22 February 2017
25 May 2018 + Decision 24 promulgating the list and roadmap for low-output energy-consuming vehicles and equipment to be eliminated, and banning new construction of low-output generation turbines, 18 May
22 May 2018 + Decree 73 issuing the lists of drugs and pre-cursors, 15 May
+ Circular 134 guiding electronic trading on the securities market, 19 December 2017
21 May 2018 + Draft Circular guiding foreign exchange control of offshore petroleum investments, 10 April
+ Decision 1202 issuing Rules on exams for issuance of securities practising certificates, 25 December 2017

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