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Vietnam Legal Updates Monthly VLU archive prior to April 2007

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YearIssueRecent LawsFeaturesDid You Know?
2006October-NovemberRepresentative Offices & Branches; Tendering; Intellectual Property; Finance Leasing; Environment; Cosmetics; Trade UnionsVietnam's New Investment-Enterprise RegimeNational Assembly Update; WTO Accession and APEC, but no PNTR; General Directors, Legal Representatives & Controllers; Foreign Distribution Rights; Equitization & Strategic Foreign Investors
2006SeptemberAPEC Arrangements; Minimum Wages; Goods Labelling; Business Registration; Finance LeasingNew Investment Decree; Options for Foreign Investors to Transition to New Investment-Enterprise RegimeFirst Investment Certificate; Final WTO Negotiations but no US PNTR Vote; When will Vietnam be 'Globalized'?; Representative Office - Re-registration Alert; VND Deposits; Securities Taxation; Labour Code - Strikes; Investor Disputes; Gripes against Government
2006AugustUrban Zones; Environment; Education; Foreign Employees; International Treaties; Land Rent; Petroleum Sector Tax; Land DocumentsVietnam's New Investment-Enterprise Regime; Franchising in VietnamNational Assembly Update; Land for Joint Ventures; Representative Offices & Voting in Joint Ventures - Reforming Backwards?; General Directors; Foreign Equity in Vietnamese Banks; Anti-Money Laundering
2006JulyRepresentative Offices & Branches; Securities; Lawyers; Auditing; Bank GuaranteesNew Investment-Enterprise Regime: Provisional Guidelines for Foreign Investors; Latest Draft Investment DecreeNational Assembly Update; Transparency in Real Estate Market; Key National Projects; Shareholder Requirements; Competition Council; Credit Rating; Business Registration; Investment Control
2006JuneFranchising; E-commerce; Securities Investment Funds; Commercial Law; Residential Housing; Ship RegistrationAustralian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam; New Enterprise RegimeNational Assembly Update; Key National Projects; Competition Law; Real Estate Projects; Foreign Investment; US-Vietnam Bilateral Market Access Agreement; Electricity Vietnam; Importing Cigarettes & Cigars; Duration of Foreign Invested Enterprises; New Business Laws a Rort?
2006MayCompany Bonds; Tendering; Intellectual Property; Residential HousingNew Investment-Enterprise Regime: New Corporate Structures & Management Rules; Latest Draft Investment DecreeNational Assembly Update; Forex Rules; Foreign Invested Shareholding Companies; WTO Accession; Foreign Arbitral Awards; Contract Law; Foreign Shares in Vietnamese Banks; Financial Reporting by Vietnamese Banks; BCCs
2006AprilCommercial Law - Origin of Goods; Cross-Border Trading; Promotions & Advertising; Franchising; Import of Used Cars; Technology Transfer; Goods Quality StandardsNew Investment Law - Overview; To Re-register or Not?; Draft Investment DecreeNational Assembly Update - Securities, Labour, Technology Transfer; 10th Party Congress; Business Licenses; Social Evils; Vietnam-speak; Foreign Investment in Vietnamese Banks; Foreign Bank Branches & Savings Deposits; WTO Accession