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Allens is pleased to provide free public access to a selection of our English translations of Vietnamese laws.

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+ Law on Investment 2005
+ Law on Enterprises 2005
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+ Law on Customs 2005
+ Law on Customs 2001

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+ Vietnam's Constitution (as amended 2001)

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+ Ordinance on Income Tax 2004

+ Ordinance on Food Hygiene & Safety 2003


+ Ordinance on MFN 2002


+ Ordinance on Advertising 2001

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+ Decision 238 on foreign participation in
   Vietnam's securities market 2003

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+ Law on Customs 2005

+ Mineral Law 2005
+ Law on Competition 2004


+ Law on Land 2003


+ Law on Construction 2003

+ Law on Customs 2001

+ Mineral Law 1996

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+ Law on Foreign Investment 1996 (as amended 2000)

+ Law on Enterprises 1999
+ Law on Domestic Investment 1998